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In PostgreSQL, you can create deferrable constraints. Here is what the documentation says:

This controls whether the constraint can be deferred. A constraint that is not deferrable will be checked immediately after every command. Checking of constraints that are deferrable may be postponed until the end of the transaction (using the SET CONSTRAINTS command). NOT DEFERRABLE is the default. Only foreign key constraints currently accept this clause. All other constraint types are not deferrable.

And here is the SQL script you would write:

set constraints all deferred;

The issue is that, once a constraint has been created, it is not possible to change its deferrable behavior through an ALTER TABLE statement. As a workaround, you might be tempted to change the pg_constraint system catalog:

update pg_constraint set condeferrable = 't' where conname like 'fk_%';

However, this will not be enough as foreign key constraints are enforced by triggers. You also need to update the pg_trigger system catalog:

update pg_trigger set tgdeferrable = 't' where tgconstrname like 'fk_%';
I am relaying this information: Spring 3.0.0 Release Candidate 2 Now Available.

As announced by Adrian Coyler during the event Rencontres Spring 2009 two weeks ago in Paris, this is the last step before the GA release which should occur during december.
I have released Hudson Tray Tracker version 0.9.4. Here are the changes in this version:
  • Feature (#19): can now press F5 in the main window to refresh the status of the projects.
  • Feature (#22): open the console page when double-clicking on a project which is building.
  • Fix (#18): when you double-click on the tray icon, the window now always shows up. In previous versions, if the window was minimized or hidden by other windows, it was not showing up.
  • Fix (#21): the refresh of the list of projects is now smoother. Before, you were loosing the mouse selection and the scroll position.
  • Fix (#23): sometimes, the user responsible for the last build was not displayed.
  • Fix (#24): when you acknowledge an error and the build is back to a normal state, the acknowledgement is now cleared so that you recieve notifications of errors.
  • Fix (#26): no longer block the shutdown of the machine.

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